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Heated Centrifuges in Stock
Sales 360-903-1412
24 Hour Service

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  • Built in circuit breaker to protect against current over load
  • Innovative design for overheating prevention to protect all internal components. (No other centrifuge on
    the market has these capabilities)
  • 12V DC
  • Uses the 100ml short cone tubes
  • Electric motor is variable speed for gentle acceleration and deceleration
  • Double insulated design preventing heat loss
  • Rugged aluminum construction
  • Two place head
  • Two place pre-heater
  • User friendly flip up lids
  • Heated bowl to keep samples heated while spinning
  • 100% made in Washington state
  • Expertly welded
  • Electrical circuits designed by an electrical expert of 31 years
  • LED Indicator lights show when switches are in on position
  • Dimensions are 18”w X 21”L X 10”H
    Shipping weight is about 32Lb
Centrifuge Specs
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